Marketing Materials For HR Professionals

Our exclusive discounts will help keep your employees happy, but they will still need to be reminded about the service to fully realize its value. We need your help to make that happen! In order to get the best results from Corporate Offers, HR professionals can help promote the service in different ways to their employees, so that they become fully aware of all the perks that we offer them as an employee of a partner organization.

Below is a list of materials, digital assets and links that will help all HR professionals promote our service internally in their organization.

Text Assets for Use On Intranet Pages

Here is some text that can be used on the intranet pages to promote our service:

Who is Corporate Offers?

Corporate Offers is a leading provider of employee discounts. They deliver exclusive discount offers on employee’s favorite retail products, services, attractions, vacations, getaways and even live events. Employees can only access the special deals while they are currently employed by the organization.

What Kinds of Deals Do They Offer?

Corporate Offers has a wide variety of discounts that align with employee's wants and needs. Their offers range from discounts on products and services in technology, warehouse clubs, health and wellness programs, pet products, travel and vacation, sporting event tickets, theme park passes and Broadway shows.

Offers link:
Types of offers:
Create an employee account:
How to use:

Artwork Assets for Use On Intranet Pages

We supply a number of artwork files for use on intranet pages to promote our service below:

Corporate Offers Logos:

Small Logo: 185x54 pixels

Medium Sized Logo: 371x107 pixels

Large Sized Logo Above: 742x215 pixels

Larger Artwork PDF’s: Perfect for Printing and Hanging

Wall Poster in Landscape Format:

Click Here For Poster in Landscape Format:

Wall Poster in Portrait Format:

Click Here For Poster in Portrait Format:

Flyer Ticket Sheet in Landscape Format:

Click Here For Ticket Sheet in Landscape Format:

Other Resources:

Sample email to promote service to internal employees:

Sample emails to promote employee benefit fairs:

Benefits fairs page: