Providing Creative Assets For Corporate Offers

Providing well thought out marketing assets and focussed messaging will best showcase your product or service on Corporate Offers. This is the key to getting customer attention and making sales.

Gone are the days of offering a good product for a good price and creating a business solely off of that alone, without good creative assets all those good plans can come to nothing. Today people are bombarded with low grade advertising and cheap marketing efforts and if a company wants to succeed they must rise above their competitors with a well thought out and deliberate marketing strategy.

Below is a checklist to help make sure that your product or service will get customer’s attention on Corporate Offers’ employee benefit service.

Creative Marketing Assets That Get Results

Good Messaging

One of the essential factors of a good marketing pitch is providing a good written statement with positive messages. To see a high level of engagement with an offer, companies should write an engaging pitch that is both informative as well as entertaining. If the promotion is for tickets to a live musical event, the pitch should say that it is a live musical event and offer up an emotional response within the first couple of lines of the pitch and should not be assumed by the vendor that the information is digested by all people in the same way. If a customer is confused when reading the offer’s messages they will likely click away and move onto the next deal, so good messaging can make the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity.

Compelling Offer

An obvious component of a great discount offer is one that truly provides a good promotion or exclusive deal to its customers. This one should go without saying, but if an offer is not set at a good price, it will not provide favorable sales results. A compelling discount offer is one that is cheaper than the one being presented to the general public, but still high enough that the vendor makes money. The offer should still align with the brand, product or service’s marketing strategy, but still needs to be below the standard price that is currently available on the retail market. Companies should find the right balance between a discount price that is too high and one that is too low, as offering a price that is too high will not attract any attention and an extremely low price may hurt the brand’s image for future sales.

Quality Art

A very common distinguishing element between a good marketing asset and a poor one are the images and the art that is provided with the offer to promote the sale. Images are used to both draw in the customer and communicate to them what kind of product or service is provided and what is the value proposition. The art can be in any style but must have the goal of ultimately making a sale. Some companies create a poster with flashy colors or famous celebrities as the main focus of the image and other promotions include the discount prices that are being offered to entice customers into the sale. Either way the offer’s art must be well thought out and deliberate to get the best results. It is also best practice to communicate with the marketing company before creating the art to find out what sizes the images should be on the website, billboard or appropriate medium.

Strong Time Window of Opportunity

Part of any strong marketing effort is knowing when the best time is to run a promotion. Ice cream trucks do not drive around public parks in the Winter because they know that nobody is outside playing in the sun and that people do not want to eat ice cream when it is freezing cold outside. Many businesses have a best performing quarter or season, knowing when the best time to run a discount sale around those times is very important for a company to figure out before randomly providing a discount offer. Seasonal businesses can offer a discount outside their normal season which will allow them to increase sales during a quieter sales period.

Geographically Appropriate

Marketing for a product must also make sense location wise. It would not make sense to offer discount SeaWorld Orlando tickets to people living in northern Canada, because they live too far away and the chances of any of them being interested in the tickets are very slim. The location of the product or service must align with where the marketing effort is taking place. Having said that, providing an offer outside the normal catchment can garner new sales from unexpected sources that may have not been tapped before. A good example of this is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl which focuses over 90% of its marketing dollars towards states outside Florida, as they make up the bulk of the visitors to the park who travel to Florida to attend this attraction.

Demographically Appropriate

The key to success in pitching a product or service to the Corporate Offers client list is to decide what demographic is going to be the target of the marketing strategy. Obviously all Corporate Offers clients are employees of larger organizations and these working people have spendable money, but not often enough time to be able to enjoy many activities outside the workplace. The nature of the service is one that provides offers for these working people, but if a Champagne seller decides to make a marketing pitch, it may be better served if it changes its focus to be in line with its expected appropriate client base, rather than attempting a scatter-gun approach of hitting all the Corporate Offers clients with the same messaging and only hitting the demographics where it can make significant inroads with sales.