Best Vendor Partners

Corporate Offers provides vendors with access to millions of working employees across thousands of corporations in the United States and internationally. There are two main types of partners that are a good match for the Corporate Offers service.

Entertainment vendors offer everything from Disney tickets, to live music concerts, to Broadway shows and everything in between. This is a very popular offer among corporate employees as they have money for experiences but do not often a great deal of time to do them in.

Hard and physical goods are the other type of purchase that is perfect for the Corporate Offers service as employees have the spendable cash to buy gifts and items that can improve their lives or please their families.

Types and Examples of Best Vendor Partners

Best Vendor Partners - Entertainment
What are the best types of entertainment offers that work well with the Corporate Offers Service

Best Vendor Partners - Hard and Physical Goods
What are the best types of hard and physical goods that work well with the Corporate Offers Service

Poor Vendor Partners
Which Types of Vendors Are a Poor Match for the Corporate Offers Service