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Learn more about who works for Corporate Offers, what we do and how we find company employees the best discounts for their favorite items and dream vacations.

The Corporate Offers Staff

Meet The Team

The corporate Offers teams work long and hard to find and secure the best discount deals for our employee clients.

All About Corporate Offers Employee Discount Service

About Us

Corporate Offers is an employee benefit service that currently provides exclusive employee benefits to people at over 25,000 different corporations. Read all about us and our mission statement.

Corporate Offers Media Kit

Media Kit

Corporate Offers media kit is our public relations tool for influencers, brands, and organizations, The kit is designed to raise awareness, explain services and provide essential information for prospective partners. The kit outlines the reach, demographics, marketing methods and details about what partners can expect.

List of Approved Clients for Corporate Offers

Corporate Offers Approved Client List

View the list of approved clients who partner their organizations with Corporate Offers.

List of UnApproved Corporations

Corporate Offers Unapproved Corporations List

View the list of unapproved corporations who are banned from partnering their organizations with Corporate Offers.

Some Users Will Experience an "Access Denied" Message

Access Denied Message

Some users cannot view an offer / discount deal. To be able to access our exclusive offers all users must be an employee at an approved corporation or institution.. Corporate Offers is a free employee discount program that is free of charge to organizations, however it is strictly limited to invited corporate and organization clients only.

View Sporting arena Seating Charts

Sports Seating Chart

View Sporting arena Seating Charts for the all of the New York sports teams, including Yankees, Mets, and much more

Reach out and Speak with Corporate Offers

Contact a Corporate Offers Team Member

Want to ask us a question or have an idea of something we can add to our service? Reach out to us and let us know, we are always looking for new feedback.

Corporate Offers Terms and Conditions Document

Terms and Conditions

Read through the Corporate Offers Terms and Conditions document.

Corporate Offers Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Read through the Corporate Offers Privacy Policy document.