How to Use The Corporate Offers Employee Discount Service

The Corporate Offers service is simple and easy to use and can now be accessed both remotely (away from the office) and on mobile devices.

Using the Corporate Offers online web service is straightforward. Company employees whose organization have already been approved, can get access by simply creating an account using their work email address as their username. A verification email is sent to ensure that the employee still has access to their work email.

Employees and HR professionals both have access to the Corporate Offers employee discount website from both a work computer, at the office, and from a device at home. All users have to do is log in with their company’s work email address and type in their unique password to get access to the vast set of exclusive discount offers.

How to Choose an Offer

Choosing an offer is up to the individual user. Different types of employees use our service in different ways. Almost everyone takes advantage of Corporate Offers for their personal use i.e. holiday planning, gift giving or to find a good deal on a fun night out. Some employees use our service to plan a unique office outing or for other larger group trips. Business executives with a keen eye on their bottom line use our offers to entertain their clients with the best seats to the hottest events and also the best deals on big holiday gifts. Sales teams can save money when purchasing tickets for sales incentives. Middle managers use Corporate Offers offers to purchase items to recognize their top employees.

Who Gets The Benefit From Corporate Offers?

We only provide offers to corporate employees from approved corporations and organizations.

What Are The Costs?

As we are paid by the offer producers, there is no cost to the employee or employer for our service. The direct distribution of our offers to client employees keeps our service free for employers. The only cost to their service is the cost incurred for the value of the item that an employee puchases.

What is The Cost to Corporate Employees?

This is a free service to employees, they only pay for the cost of the item that they purchase.

What is Our Cost to Employers?

This is a free service to employers.

What is Our Cost to Vendors?

Depending on the type of product and service, the commission costs start from 10%