Knights of Columbus                         


                                      Palo Alto Council #2677

                                      3202 Cowper Street

                                      Palo Alto, CA 94306



                                       February 8, 2010



                Palo Alto Council, Knights of Columbus #2677,

          has the following current officers.


                   Grand Knight                  Paul Vavuris

                   Deputy Grand Knight      Archie Frazer

                   Treasurer                        Francis T. Cheng

                   Recorder                        Michael Lin

                   Warden                           Oswald Thompson

                   Chancellor                       Jim Abler

                   Inside Guard                   David Foo

                   Outside Guard                Bob Napaa

First Trustee                   Oswald Thompson

                   Second Trustee               Michael Lin

                   Third Trustee                  Archie Frazer

                   Financial Secretary          John Uebbing



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