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Leading provider of employee discount and perk benefits featuring special offers and corporate perks for employees who work for large corporations, mid-size businesses and approved institutions. Only current employees can access the protected offers that include the very best pricing on Disney Parks, theatre, attractions, movies, sporting events, and hand-picked hard goods and services. We aim to never bring the chaff, only the very best offers.

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Keep your people happy with the best employee benefit service available and to make it even better, we provide the service at no charge to you. As a free service, it means that there will be no headaches for you convincing upper management to find some money in the budget to fund the program. Simply sign up your organization and your employees will be able to instantly access their exclusive discount offers from work, home or from the road. You can decide what you want them to see.

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Employees love to get great offers and we could not bring these offers without having engaged vendors who see the value of astronomic sales through this protected employee environment. We allow vendors to offer a special price to employees of large organizations without impacting their other marketing campaigns and damaging their brand. If you are a vendor who wants to deliver a product or service to our corporate employee clientele that is currently over 1 million workers, then this service is perfect for you. Please click on the link below to get started.

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